So this blog will be combination for my both Youtube channels. I may have more text here than Youtube channel description. I had to make two channels because Youtube is strictly policy for guns so my second channel will be focused guns and mostly IPSC when I just have began to training it 2020 was my first year and now is going to be second. I hope to get own guns this year.

First channel will have lot of different topics and I dont make it only for one area. Most of videos will be woodworking, but there is lot of more too. Now there is baking, cooking, DIY, unboxing and woodworking.

My instagram will have both and then some of my private life post too, but it’s not my private account.

My shop is some product if you want to support what I do and get some shit design I have made. Product are good quality. There is shirts, mugs and things like that with my logo or something else.