Making nuts automation for the squirrel!

So my mom order nuts automation for the squirrel so birds wouldn’t eat nuts. I have seen couple so I make my own! It took a while to squirrel to learn use it. We installed February and now I was able to publish it when they learn how to use it.

Replace broken tie rod Lynx Rave 600 RE rs kit 2015

I really didn’t notice that my tie rod was badly damaged until my brother noticed. I missed one driving weekend, but now its been change to new one. Its pretty complicated to change it because location is really hard to get. I also set it up later so its ok I was driving now two days and it work like a dream.

Making Bird Feeder with Epoxy glass

So this is my first woodworking video I hope you like it. This is little too long for what I did I try to make future little shorter videos or make more than one videos. This was also first video were I add chapters and will be adding those later every videos what need it.

Fruit fly trap

I know this isnt any new idea, but I have tested severals and this is most powerful I have found so far

1 dl water
1 dl red wine vinegar
2 tablespoon honey
1 drop dishwashing detergent

Wood box for Chinese gabbages

So this is one work related thing making 100-200 of these wood boxes to Chinese Cabbages. We use these for storage in the winter. We had about 1500 of these and that 100-200 have to be made new every year because old going to rotten. And this is most cheap way to do it. Maybe some foldable composite box would be better but havent find any such a big and should be able to have 5 top of each other.