Trails in Finland near Mikkeli Lynx Rave RE 600 RS kit 2015

So I was sledding with my friend near Mikkeli. If you want to know what kind of trails we have here in Finland this is for you. We are so called Sunday drivers we drive about five times a winter. There are lot of better drivers than we are. For us this is how we have fun and want to be drive so often we make our sled more stiff than its in factory settings. My friend has Lynx Rave RE 600 2012. I had GPS camera, but I was near speed limit couple times witch is 60km/h trails and 80km/h in lakes.

Making Bird Feeder with Epoxy glass

So this is my first woodworking video I hope you like it. This is little too long for what I did I try to make future little shorter videos or make more than one videos. This was also first video were I add chapters and will be adding those later every videos what need it.

Cutting Leeks to Freezer

So we grow leeks to sell for it and some of these are not good enought to sell but I am able to use it myself or our workers. This is easy way to preserve and can be use rest of the year and its about size what need one time cooking ofcourse if you use more then just use bigger bags.

Thanks mom

Steel Training October 11 2020

We are building Nordic Championship Steel competition and were also testing stage. Ofcourse I am slow and didnt hit anything. I probably shoot pre-match with PCC and maybe pistol too.

MA Weekly Competition Level 1 Oktober 4 2020

Nothing special 4 stages and first goes pretty well second was ok third I took risk and try to go one clip change. I had 20 bullets and no mistake I would need 17 last plates I miss too much ok it goes for one change, but with no risk should of change when run and again somewhere barrels. Last stage was ok but I shoot gun empty I was going to change clip after that target.

I have heard these stages are pretty good for level 1